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Pierre's Bakery Part 2

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Project Overview

This web-based application allows a user to create a unique profile, add baked goods, add flavor categories, and link the items and use flavor tags in a many-to-many relationship. This app utilizes simple authentication for basic security and user-entered data integrity. This app requires the user to use database migration to construct the necessary SQL database on their local machine. All users, regardless of authentication, can view a list of goods available for sale (and the flavor tags linked to that item). Only logged-in users can add or edit the list of items and flavor tags. Specifically, a logged-in user can: Add and delete baked goods (items) Add and delete flavor tags Assign items to specific flavor tags, or assign flavor tags to specific items View a list of all baked goods entered by the user View a list of all flavor tags entered by the user

Tools Used

Windows Powershell
MySQL Server